The Second Coming Is Come, Came

Of Foolish/Wise Gods The Only Wise God of Law/Grace is Grace

His Angel plays the Last Trump it

The Second Coming Is Come

The Only Wise God is Grace

The Second Coming: is come, is here, came;
But it is neither the second Law of two Laws
nor last Adam of two Adams, in which all die.

First: The law was given by Moses, [but]
Second: grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

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As mentioned in explanation of shew, a Twain Shew compares two things: good/better, great/greater, this/that, before/after, first/last. Shewbread has more explanation. God Shew is even meatier, focused on the third of 3 things (great-->greater)-->greatest, as if what is best for all of (good-->better)-->best.
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The Second Coming: that JC is come. A greater is here. But what's best for all is yet to come.
The only wise God : the King immortal, invisible: only Grace fits that description in 1Tim 1:17
The Second Coming is come, is here

The Second Coming is come, is here, came.
But it's neither the second law of two laws;
 Nor is it even the last Adam of two Adams.
For by the using of ordinances all perish: Col 2;
And as in Adam all die = extinction, not salvation.

John 1:17
The law was given by Moses, [but]
grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

John 3:17
God did not send his Son to condemn(law) the world,
but that through him the world might be saved(graced).

John 5:45
Moses's law will accuse you,
but JC grace will not accuse you

Romans 6:14,15
Ye/We are not under the law (condemnation),
but under grace (no condemnation).

Hebrews 10:9
He taketh away the first (law: sacrifices: divisions),
that he might establish the second (grace: mercy: peace)

1John 4: try the spirits
spirit not of God: law (antichrist)
spirit of God: grace (the truth)

The Truth: (of this or that)
that Jesus Christ "is come" (already): 1John 4:2
grace and truth "came" by Jesus Christ:
John 1:17
a greater than Jonas & Solomon "is here": Matthew 12:41,42

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

One man vs one man by which sin & death came upon all vs life came unto all in Romans 5 is not Romans 8 Law1 vs Law2 nor 1Cor 15 Adam1 vs Adam2 as many suppose, but rather Moses vs JC, which is notably portrayed as law(lie) vs grace(truth): John 1:17; And notably as condemn(law) vs save(grace): John 3:17; And accuse(law) vs not accuse(grace): John 5:45; And spirit of error (law) vs spirit of truth (grace) in 1John 4. So we're not talking soul vs spirit as in 1Cor 15:45, but spirit vs spirit: last Adam vs Christ: all die by law vs all live by grace. For Christ is not the mend of the law: Luke 5:36,37, but rather the end of the law: Romans 10:4. And thereby Christ is the end of all law vs law and law vs grace divisions.

Churchy folk by and large perceive a second coming is yet to come rather than is come already, already came. Sadly what comes upon them is wrath to come via their own legalism; For when they shall say Peace (Grace) and safety (in another law) then sudden destruction is what comes on them, and it's the "no escape" sort of destruction in 1Thessalonians 5:3 noted in Galatians 5:4, where being justified by law makes Christ(is the end of the law) of "no effect", since law added to grace is sufficient makes grace "no more grace", and death added to life makes eternal life no more eternal. So let us not look for any vengeance nor wrath to come, but let us see grace and truth already came by JC for comparison to the law and lie of Moses.

The second coming is not the better of good/better for some, but rather what's best for all; For when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. So along with grace came truth, so that along with eternal salvation came awareness of it, or understanding that all is neither many nor few, and more excellent is neither broad nor narrow minded, but Christ(is the end of the law) minded.

God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace.
Many Jews are confused and divided about what sort of Messiah should come (since their plural Scriptures portray twain, and such are contrary). Many Christians are also confused and divided about what sort of second coming should come (since ruling with a rod of iron and merciful are contrary). Both are by and large unaware grace and truth already came; But they can't see it, because one has to born again of incorruptible seed (grace) to even see the kingdom of God within you. Corruptible seed (law) cannot see, let alone enter the KofG.

The Muslims are also confused and divided, for their Almighty Allah is an oxymoron: both merciful + vengeful, and their prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is anything but peaceable since his Qu'ran message is a mixture of contrary things, contradictions instead of firstly pure wisdom from above, and only then is peace-able (first of seven things grace is).

The X-ians are also confused and divided. Eg: Catha-holics vs Protest-ants; And such like are making atheism popular instead of edifying->exhorting->men unto comfort void of dis-comfort

For where strife and envy, there confusion and every evil thing.

So, let us clear up the confusion by get understanding (with all thy getting,  get understanding: Solomon: Proverb 4), and thereby understand that all is neither many nor few, more excellent is neither broad nor narrow, perfection is neither their part nor your part.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
"the only wise God":  the King (of Kings), immortal, invisible?
(only Grace allegorically fits that God description in 1 Tim 1:17)

Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

As mention of the "only true God" implies two Gods: false/true Gods are portrayed for comparison, and mention of "that God" implies twain: this/that Gods are portrayed for comparison, and mention of the "living" God implies two: dead/living Gods are portrayed for comparison... so also does mention of "the only wise God" imply two: foolish/wise Gods for comparison... especially when two Gods are opposed about them, one (law) imputing sin to them all, the other (grace) not imputing sin, no, not even to them, as revealed in 2Cor 5:19.

Since such things are an "allegory", the allegory for two foolish/wise Gods being law/grace, and since JC makes mention of two: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me" on the cross (quoting from Psalms), and since such twain(plural) is also in the midst, the menorah midst of seven last utterances similar to the plural God (Elohyim) in the midst of the Menorah seven of Genesis 1:1, it allegorically denotes having more than one God is two many, and it results in feeling "forsaken": "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me". Only one God of twain portrayed in the Holy Bible results in not feeling forsaken: "the God of all grace (no law)", "that God", "the living God", "the only true God", "the only wise God", "the only Potentate", "the King" (immortal, in-visible): His Grace; Which is why the Bible ends with "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen"...  having no mention of law (sin, death) at all.

By the greater of two lights (allegorically the sun of righteousness) I see better (of good/better) the "only" immortal king upon a "throne of grace" is "grace", allegorically "the only wise God" of twain: law/grace. The other God (law) is foolish, faulty, mean as hell, and even suicide-all.

Both wise and unwise Gods are biblically portrayed in allegorical fashion as a twain shew for comparison and contrast to know which is witch of "My God, My God": two Gods. The mixture of two Gods results in feeling as forsaken as grace + law = life + death = a dead end... what that God (the "living" God, God of "all grace") will not have: not then, now, ever.

Being "immortal" and having established a will that's not only "immutable", but immutable x 2: "I will have mercy (grace), and not sacrifice (law)" ... the first of two immutable things being God cannot die, and because God cannot lie (law). Such is simply allegorical for "the God of all grace" will have no law (sacrifice: slaughter), for in a kingdom of one for all and all for one, if any die all die, to the degree all are one and anything less than all is not one.

Hence the "only wise God", the King, His grace, is not willing that any (all) perish (by law), but rather that all come to repentance, and thereby all live, happily ever "after" in  such a before/after shew where in first Adam all die, including all the Melchesedic type priests in Hebrews 7:23 and all those in the hall of shame of Hebrews 11:13,39, and all those both saved + destroyed by grace + law in Jude 5; which is all mirrorly for "shew"... POINT being: of (plural)Scriptures(Scripture vs Scripture) know the Script-u-are as a citizen of the kingdom. For the biblical objective is not to "believe" (devils "believe"), but rather to "know".

The scripture (singular), allegorically the script-u-are, saith:
"cast out the woman and her son"  (Galatians 4)
(allegory: cast out law and the result of law: sin & death).

The "only wise God" not only suggests a comparison and contrast of twain Gods: law vs grace, but that only one of such is wise; and such "wisdom from above" (Grace unto you... from God our Father) is "first" pure, "then" peace-able (Peace unto you... from the Lord JC) in James 3.

The only wise God, of twain, is also noted as "the King" of (twain) Kings; also the blessed and "only potentate" (1Tim 6:15) as shewn us by Jesus->Christ, by whom "came" grace and truth in comparison and contrast to law and lie given by Moses (John 1:17).

The law (and the surely die lie) was given by Moses,
but grace and truth(about law) came by Jesus Christ.

The only wise God is also noted as being "invisible", allegorical for in-visible rather than being way out there some where(?) among the darkness(doesn't really exist according to Einstein), confirmed by JC said God said the kingdom of God is (allegorically) located "within you" of ye/you. So, many deceived by many who desire to get 'closer to God', are already as close as it gets to the only wise God, but by and large are unaware that God & kingdom thereof is located "within you" (clarity: you of ye/you), and in-"visible". For that God notably said: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; Whereas a false God on high said: I will forsake you.

The only wise God also has an "only" begotten Son, of twain portrayed in the two part shew, and such a "man" kind of child/man became the author of eternal salvation by his conclusive decision to abolish the law. For law and grace are contrary things which do not mix except to make an oxymoron with a bad ending: grace + law (added) = life + death = dead end. So, in his grace and truth teaching of Matthew 24:21, JC gave no place to law (great tribulation).

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
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The Second Coming "is come" (already): Grace and Truth "came" by Jesus Christ.
"The Only Wise God": is also God only wise of two (foolish/wise) Gods Compared.