Christ Jesus is not Jesus Christ: So Which is Witch?

Which is Witch of CJ or JC? Hint: Christ Jesus is not found in any of four gospel accounts.
Which is Witch of CJ isn't JC? Hint: Jesus Christ is the only foundation laid to build upon.

His angel plays the last trump it

Christ Jesus is not Jesus Christ. CJ isn't JC

CJ: Christ Jesus occurs 57 times, and only from Acts 19 - 1Peter 5.
JC: Jesus Christ occurs 196 times, from Matthew 1- Revelation 22.

Paul does mention both CJ and JC as a steward of the mysteries of God
but clarifies, when writing to CJ folk, that he's an apostle of Jesus Christ.

"grace and truth came by Jesus Christ"!
1John4: "that Jesus Christ is come" = "also" truth (Luke 16:16)
Peace with God is firstly  "through Jesus --> Christ": to be in Christ.
Eternal Life is also "through Christ --> God-ward": to be reconciled!

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Holy Kiss: Greeting: Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Christ Jesus"  is not  "Jesus Christ"

CJ is not JC. So then which is witch (bewitched)?
"all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer": 2Tim 3:12.
The New Testament both opens and closes with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ:
the same yester day, to day, and for ever: Hebrews 13:8.
Jesus Christ:
the only foundation laid to build on: 1Corinthians 3:11

Know-ing the Difference can be a Matter of Life or Death;
So let's look at Seven points of proof about which is witch.
For the churches of Galatia notably got
bewitched by the witch;
And soon got removed from the grace of Christ: isn't over against any
by temporal divided law/grace of Jesus: is over against a doomed temple.
So the gospel of Paul is not the gospel of Jesus, but "the gospel of Christ",
And not descending Christ of Christ Jesus, but ascending Christ of Jesus Christ.

Clarity of Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus Point  #1:

In their Epistle Dedicatory the Translators of the Bible made Three Wishes: "Grace Mercy and Peace" to both king and kingdom thereof. These "learned men all", who thought it preposterous order to teach first and learn after, allegorically SHOUTED a HINT as to how their three wishes for all would be achieved by Bible readers: "through JESUS CHRIST our Lord". The Bible clarifies eternal salvation by "grace", and according to his "mercy", also "peace" with God, are all notably through "Jesus --> Christ" (not Christ Jesus).

The mention of "
Jesus Christ" as "our Lord" also speaks of unity and allness of God's grace being impartial; Not imputing sin to them nor us. Whereas Christ Jesus speaks of division into a left/right scape-goats/dumb-sheep sides war, both sides being unaware the Son of Man has "destruction" planned for "them all": Luke 17. For even those on the right are only right to make others wrong or 'left behind' when they rapture; Which is a law imputed sin conscious childish blame game that inducts them all into a hALL of shame. On the contrary the Son of God is long-suffering to "us-ward", the "us" thereof being above them vs them having a childish Hatfields vs McCoys sides war.

Clarity of Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ Point  #2:

"Christ Jesus" isn't found in any of the four gospel accounts, nor in Revelation. Although "Christ Jesus" & "Jesus Christ" are both 'mentioned' in the Bible, the 'clear majority' goes to "Jesus Christ". The term "Christ Jesus" is used 57 times, and only from Acts 19 to 1Peter 5; Whereas "Jesus Christ" is used 196 times, and from Matthew 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 (the entire NT). So in an allegoric manner Christ Jesus is partial, Jesus Christ is impartial.

Paul The Apostle predominantly opens and closes his Pauline Epistles with "Jesus Christ"; a notable thing being "the" Lord Jesus Christ in his holy kiss greeting becomes "our" Lord Jesus Christ in his final hand written salutation. Paul is writer of more NT books than all six other NT writers combined. His Pauline Epistle format is notable in all his epistles except Hebrews: a mini bible itself.
Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
 Discussion: use of both Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ, clarifying Jesus Christ as the Saviour
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

So also the New Testament notably both opens and closes with "Jesus Christ"; And the end of both the Holy Bible and the New Testament is Paul's token: The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN. However, since Noahic grace + law is not JC grace + truth, clarity of which sort of grace is "with you all" (against none of you) is made in the end of the Bible.

    New Beginning: Matthew 1:1
The generation of Jesus Christ....
   (in comparison and contrast to the "generations" of Adam in Genesis 5)
   New End: Revelation 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
   (in contrast and comparison to the grace Noah found in the "eyes" of the LORD)

Also notable is the "generation" of "Jesus Christ" is singular and united; Whereas in the OT the "generations" of [first and last] Adam are plural and divided. Hebrews 3 also discusses how merciless the Holy Ghost [Law] was, and such is notably connected to Christ Jesus.

Clarity of Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ Point  #3:

Paul clarifies to Timothy the difference between Jesus Christ & Christ Jesus, and notably by using both "Jesus Christ" & "Christ Jesus" in the 'same verse':

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus"
. (2Timothy 1:1)

A promise of life is in "Christ Jesus" via another law of Romans 8:2 law law; Yet Paul is notably "an apostle of Jesus Christ", and "by the will of God": "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice": grace, not law. Such will of God speaks of the "eternal" sort life, of temporal life + death and "eternal life"(void of death). So then temporal life is in "Christ Jesus", but eternal life is in "Jesus Christ" our Saviour who "abolished death", by abolition of the law, to bring us both life and immortality via both grace and truth, which came by Jesus Christ. Such is made clearer in 2Timothy 1: 9,10 where both "Christ Jesus" and "Jesus Christ" are mentioned in a manner of before/after:

Who hath saved us, and called [us] with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

in which [Law/Grace: CJ/JC] things are an "allegory". In doing so Paul allegorizes how reversing JC to CJ changes grace back to law; Or reversing CJ to JC changes temporal life + death into life and immortality of "eternal life".

And when looking closer at life promised in Christ Jesus, it's via another "law", not via grace. So, Paul also clarifies in Romans 7 that "another law" only produced "all manner of concupiscence", and made him feel like a "wretched" man instead of a perfect man like Christ of through Jesus --> Christ. Not to mention the second law in Romans 8:2 law vs law no more forever makes any free of law: sin and death, than a law of aerodynamics forever voids a law of gravity. It's only temporal salvation followed by destruction, a snare to avoid.

So let us consider what's best of three things:
1. Law: of sin and death... a dead end
2. Law: of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus... also a dead end when revelationed
3. Not under law, but under grace: Romans x2 (with clarity to "bewitched" in Gal's 3)

In comparing three things, two laws with grace, we see the allegoric difference between Moses: law, Christ Jesus: law, and Jesus Christ: grace; With life promised in Christ Jesus as the second "law" of Romans 8:2 law law which Paul previously called "another law" in Romans 7 and noted it produced all manner of (evil) "concupiscence" and a made him a "wretched" man instead of a "perfect" man. Jesus Christ notes in Mt 22: 38,39 that the "second" (law) is "like the first", and such "fulfills the law" (the "ministration of death"); So it follows, by reasoning (Come now, let us reason together), the second law of Romans 8:2 law law is like the first (also the dead end of sin and death), even though it promises life. Law demands perfection (be ye perfect: Genesis 17:1), but as Paul notes in Hebrews 10: the law can NEVER make anyone perfect. His Grace can make all comers perfect, strengthened, stablished, and settled (1Peter 5:10), but His Grace patiently waits to be asked: James 1.

So in 2Tim 1: 9 & 10 Paul uses both "Christ Jesus" and "Jesus Christ" to further clarify the difference is as before/after; "Jesus Christ" being the after part of then/now, our "Saviour" who abolished death (abolished law: Eph 2:15) and brought life and immortality to light, as if comparing Destroyer to Saviour, and Death to Life thereof such Son of Man or Son of God: "God; Who hath saved us, and called with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began, But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:"

Clarity of Jesus Christ vs Christ Jesus Point  #4:

In John 1:17 we find the law of Moses and grace of Jesus Christ allegorically compared as if lie and truth. So when Jesus Christ is reversed to Christ Jesus it allegorically becomes as the reverse of grace and truth, which is law and lie. So the life promised in Christ Jesus becomes a law lie, or life + death similar to those saved + destroyed afterward who were saved out of Egypt: Jude 1:5. Mixing contrary things makes an oxymoron, and a hypocrite, such as "one proselyte": more the child of hell(law); Not to mention grace(truth) + law(lie) is also as life + death = a dead end. So Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus becomes a matter of Grace or Law: Life or Death: Saviour or Destroyer; Allegorically also Son of Man or Son of God, and Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, for such are merciless or merciful: again the mixture being an oxymoron and a hypocrite with a personal saviour (via C-->J) rather than global Saviour (via J-->C). Hence the admonition work out your own (personal) salvation with fear and trembling. For if you don't forgive all men by the abolition of law, then neither are you forgiven by law: Mt 6:15; but rather subject to a Mt 18:33,34 tormentor visitation for being forgiven but not being forgiving. Selah.

Jesus Christ tells the truth about law: it's accuser of the brethren (John 5:45); and Christ of through Jesus Christ is "the end of the law for righteousness" of lefteousness vs righteousness on high. So even those on the right of such left/right Son of Man division are playing a blame game which notably becomes a self-condemnation consequence (Job 15:6; Mt 15:11; Mk 7:20-23) in Romans 2:1's law judging is "inexcusable" (no excuse me whatsoever in biblical law also imputes unpardonable sin is threby merciless, not merciful); Not to mention the Son of Man (CJ) has one thing in store for "them all" (both scape-goats & dumb-sheep): Noahic & Sodomic destruction: Luke 17: 26-30.

Clarity of Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus Point #5:

When uncovering (revelationing) both Christ Jesus & Jesus Christ, it's as if uncovering both Son of Man & Son of God for compare-i-son. Thereby we find Man (Adam: the LORD: Gen 4:1 of earth) & Son of Man to be law law: Law imputes sin, and law also makes sinners all, none righteous, no, not one. But God is one, also God & Son are one. So this would make God a sinner, God & Son sinners also. And thereby the law: of sin and death: "as in Adam (as in them: Gen 5:2) all die" = extinction, not salvation. On the contrary both God (LORD of heaven and earth) & Son of God (the Lord from heaven) are not sin conscious; So "that God" in "Christ" (of Jesus Christ) reconciling the world unto himself notably does not (law) impute transgressions: 2Cor 5:19; And Son of that God also does not accuse: John 5:45 nor condemn: John 8:11. For "God sent not his Son into the world to condemn (law) the world": John 3:17. No, not this, rather that: "that the world (already condemned by law) might be saved(graced)" from such "ministration of condemnation" (2Cor 3), and through Jesus --> Christ: "the end of the law", especially for righteousness.

"Christ Jesus came into the world to law impute sin and save sinners", by using law to make sinners all, and demand all confess sin, requiring a sacrifice for sin; And notably by law since sacrifice is "of the law" (Hebrews 10). Jesus Christ (His grace) did not accuse (John 5:45) any of being sinners (which would make him a sinner also). Jesus Christ, as pure religion, notably paid a come and go "visit", not a ransom; Notably arriving undefiled and remaining unspotted in such a come and go visitation to those afflicted: James 1:27. Rather Jesus Christ told the truth about law, yet he cleverly gave no place to great tribulation thereof law: Mt 24:21 (it "was not since the world began to this time, no, nor ever shall be"), nor gave any place to a thief coming: John 10:10 (the thief "cometh not"). He also substituted the bread and wine for sacrifice, and thereby "finished" the work that God sent him to do, noted in Hebrews 10 ("Lo, I come to do thy will O God"), and notably before the cross in John 17. For it's notable that do the will of God precedes receive the promise in Hebrews 10:36. Jesus of Jesus Christ made Noahic grace + law to be grace or law ("either make the tree good or corrupt": Mt 12:33), and not "both good and evil"). Then he took both to the cross where law got nailed (Col 2:14) as the "enmity" and abolished: Ephesians 2. Thereby C of J-->C abolished the the law, the root source of sin (Rom 5:13) and the strength of sin's death sting (1Cor 15:56; Jam 1:15), as the ministration condemnation and the ministration of death (2Cor 3:7,9), in order to silence the law: the accuser of the brethren (John 5:45).

Christ Jesus would have "another law", the law of love: "love(law) thy neighbor as thyself", allegorically "the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus"; And to bring supposed freedom from a first law of sin and death: Romans 8:2. But it's a snare of the devil(law), Satan(Law) transformed as an angel of light: 2Cor 11:14, promising them life, but has destruction planned for "them all": Luke 17. So life noted in Romans 8:2 is the life of life + death = a dead end, and the law of the Spirit thereof is obviously of the spirit of error in 1John 4's comparison of spirits, which clarifies "that Jesus Christ is come" is the truth.

Feed my sheep? Sadly many sheep are being fed spiritual food poisoning, instead of truth about the law and exhortation to "grow in grace". It's no great thing if Satan has "ministers", transformed as "ministers of righteousness" of such lefteousness vs righteousness on high
, ministering deadly law via bwd "Christ Jesus", which end focuses on Jesus rather than on Christ, and thereby on division(unrest) rather than peace(rest). Such ministers $ucker many into being right of such a left/right (law/law) sides war to make others wrong, or 'left behind' when they rapture: another false promise. How silly, especially well beyond 2,000; For it's already too late for all such rapture theories, but never too late to "endure to the end", which is "not yet" via "this gospel", but actually happened long ago via "that gospel" of two gospels. Not to mention when the God Shew is ended properly, and by all, as in the Merlin movie  where the real magic is at the end (all collectively turn away from evil [law], stop giving it any place to exist), then evil vanishes, as if it never happened.

When looking at the "third" time "Jesus" appeared to disciples, and especially unto gone fishing "Peter"(called Satan in Mt 16:23) notably addressed as "Simon" thou "son of Jonas" (the allegoric plural of Jonah), we also find the triple question of "lovest(lawest) thou me" x3, and three yeas from Simon of Simon-->Peter followed by three interesting allegoric responses:
1. Feed my lambs (as if "babes" in Heb 5, not yet weaned from the first law)
2. Feed my sheep (as if "children", not yet weaned from the second law)
3. Feed my sheep (are not of them who draw back, but of them who go on)

So of lambs and sheep (for the slaughter) even the third sort are still "sheep", and still occupied in sacrifices (albeit better sacrifices) which are "of the law". This we oft find among "Jesus" folk of Christ --> Jesus, as if when first called Christians at Antioch (Acts 11), where some like Peter, whom Paul of Saul-->Paul (Acts 13) finally withstood to the face, were still dissimulating: being partial and hypocritical. Whereas the second sort of Christ-ian is like Christ of Jesus --> Christ: "the end of the law for righteousness", who has grown up unto "Christ" ("through Jesus -> Christ").
1. "Little (Law) children": who draw back to law: sin and death: dead end
2. "children" of God, of two sorts of children, who go on unto perfection
3. Be no more "children", "put away childish (sheepish) things": laws

What remains is global awareness, understanding of what we're saved from, delivered from. Paul, as "his witness unto all men" says God our Saviour will have all men both saved(graced) "and" aware what they're saved from. Paul The Apostle also reveals "we are delivered from the law" (Romans 7:6), and thereby from sin and death, the sting of sin witch law is both the source and the strength of. Law imputes sin; And law imputed sin, when "it is finished", brings froth death. So to be rid of sin and death sting of sin, we should put away all our laws, and understand "grace is sufficient" means no law req'd.

So often we see signs of well meaning Christians at sports events on television waving a sign saying John 3:16, when what's more revealing is John 3:17. "God sent not his Son into the world to condemn (law) the world". Law (sin imputation, accusation, condemnation, guilt, depression, torment and terror thereof such law) was "given by Moses": John 1:17. On the contrary grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. Truth is, those suckered by the second law of such Rom 8:2 law law, and notably as "children" tossed to and fro by law <=> law, are as made one proselyte, which is twofold: more the child of hell than previous hypocrites, fools, vipers, and blind guides who all sat in Moses' seat.

Clarity of Christ Jesus -or- Jesus Christ Point #6:

Paul notes to Timothy (who got suckered by Johnny law's Christ Jesus draw back to law): "all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution". The "will" thereof speaks of being "willingly ignorant", or content to be child like in understanding, a Childish-adult who can still get snared by devilish law. The "godly" allegorically speaks of adults (man kind) still being childish (carnal, divisional, contentious) in "Christ Jesus", or "children" rather than "man" kind of child/man (1Cor 13:11) who puts away childish things: laws, especially since God said: Let us make "man" (not child), and Paul(his witness unto all men) said: be no more children, and be not highminded.

For the "man" is better blessed of two sorts of blessed. Not to mention Paul says it's "evident" (from all the evidence): "that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God", which speaks of God holding an adult accountable. So allegorically speaking, those adults who are content to remain ignorant, or childish, shall "suffer" persecution; And as if the "ye" of ye/you in 1Peter 5:10. All too often we hear of such adults, who are as children in understanding, boasting that they're persecuted, as if puffed up to heavens on high by law rather than edified and exhorted by grace to heaven: higher than the heavens.

Clarity of Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ Point #7:

Let us remember such things are an "allegory": Galatians 4, that plural and contrary scriptures were "written aforetime for our learning": Romans 15:4, and as a triple "mystery": Colossians 2:2 to solve "in time" by getting "help": Hebrews 4:16, by asking God for wisdom James 1:5, and getting first pure wisdom from above (Grace unto you from God our Father) that is also firstly peace-able of seven things His Grace is in James 3:17. The overall objective being to grow up, all the way up, and get it: understanding; the sort of understanding which results in thy head (Christ is the head of every "man", and his head God) being crowned with "grace" glory (Proverbs 4). Since there are notable snares of the devil (devilish law), the objective is to become aware which is witch of many allegoric things like Son of Man vs Son of God and Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit, even of Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ.

For as "Dog" is reverse of "God", and a dog returns to his vomit (law) in 2Peter 2:20-22 as a fool returns to his folly in Proverbs 26:11; So also "am I" is allegorically the reverse of "I am". So Paul notes: when "I am" (grace) weak, then "am I" (law) strong. In the same allegoric manner Christ Jesus is the reverse of Jesus Christ, and CJ thereby ends with Jesus instead of Christ. So the end result of Christ Jesus is "division" not peace rather than "peace" not division; For Jesus was notably born "under the law", and of "woman", who was notably "deceived", and "in the transgression", but Christ is "the end of the law", so such Christ is obviously the Christ of through Jesus --> Christ. It's all quite allegoric. One only has to stand in front of a mirror to note when a right hand is raised the person in the mirror raises a left hand, since such is mirrorly reversed. So also is the created of created and made things, the reverse of that which is made; And the Creator is the reverse of the Maker.

There is ample proof in the Bible (evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry) of which is witch of Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ; And from the Epistle Dedicatory of Bible Translators (which SHOUTS of JESUS CHRIST) unto the end of the Bible (which notably ends with "Jesus Christ"). Not to mention the New Testament both opens and closes with "Jesus Christ" is used in the entire NT, whereas "Christ Jesus" is used partially from Acts to 1Peter, thereby allegorically denoting partiality rather than oneness and allness of God.

Although Paul uses both "Christ Jesus" and "Jesus Christ" in his epistles, clarification is also Pauline given that he is an apostle of "Jesus Christ". He opens and closes his epistles with "Jesus Christ", and also notes "eternal salvation", "eternal life", becoming "alive unto God", and "peace with God" are all notably through "Jesus Christ". The reverse would be non eternal salvation (like those in Jude 1:5 who got saved + destroyed after), non eternal life (like those in Hebrews 7:23 got life + death after), and as if dead unto God(Grace), by being preoccupied with "division" (not peace) via Jesus of Christ Jesus. Not to mention the life in Christ Jesus is the life of life + death = a dead end. And not to mention the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is against them all; Whereas the grace of Jesus Christ is with you all.

And of two Jerusalems, allegorically two mothers of two sons of Abraham are the two covenants in Galatians 4, Jerusalem which is above is free, is the mother of us all. As for the other wise: the earthy sensual devilish wise in James 3's two wisdoms compare-i-son, the script-u-are in Genesis 21: 10-12 notably saith "cast out the bondwoman and her son". Allegory: cast out the law and result of law (the ministration of death): a dead end (Galatians 4).

It's all "allegory"! It's also "mystery" to solve, as noted over 20 times. So it's allegoric mystery, and notably a "learning" game of life or death: grace or law, via knowing the difference between Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus.

Example of a False Christ risen to "deceive" the elect: the man Christ Jesus:
Son of God? No! God is not a man that he should lie
(law): Numbers 23:19.

An example of why we should know the difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ is the recent wave of people being duped by the leader of a ministry called Growing in grace: spanish; The leader(apostle) thereof, namely José Luis De Jesús Miranda who is notably called: the man "Christ Jesus" on websites, primarily based on one verse: "For [there is] one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1Timothy 2:5). Funny thing is Christ Jesus is NOT mentioned in any of four gospel accounts; Not even in the "verily verily" gospel account according to John. Go figure. For when we are reconciled unto that God in Christ of Jesus Christ: "the same yester day, to day, and for ever" (Hebrews 13:8), then there is no longer need for any mediation, which is only required between two parties who disagree.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
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