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Holy Bible: KJV: Seventh Bible: as one made better from six good:
(in the same manner God saw "good" x 6, then "very good" 7th time in Genesis 1)
         1) Tyndale's Bible: Good
            2) Coverdale's Bible: Good
            3) Matthew's Bible: Good
            4) Cramer's Bible: Good
            5) Geneva Bible: Good
            6) Bishop's Bible: Good
            7) Holy Bible: Better:
Authorized KJV: a more exact Translation: to help find
           allegory clues to solve the mystery of God; Make God's holy truth more known.

Commentary About Parallel Bibles Online: Man-y are Perversions of the Holy Bible

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About The Authorized KJV: Holy Bible: 7th Bible

 by Daniel Miles: Founder of GodShew.Org

Of Bibles: Bibles Online: Online Bibles: Many Versions of Many Bibles,
Which Bible version should I study to solve the allegoric
mystery of God?
I use the HOLY BIBLE called the Authorized KJV to solve the allegoric mystery of God.
I search Authorized KJV to seek and find allegory clues needed to solve the mystery of God.
I connect biblical dots to help me see Grace will have Mercy (not sacrifice) multiplies Peace.

I've probably read and studied the Holy Bible (not just other books written about the Bible) more than most peers. I've literally worn out more printed Bibles and perversions thereof than most people could carry. So I thank God for Online Bibles; Since Bibles Online don't wear out, and they're free (everything from God is freely given, else it's not from God: 1Corinthians 2:12). Upon looking into Bible version debates (a sides war with side effects), I've found ample evidence that the best Bible version of  Bibles Online, especially Online Bibles, tools thereof, for study of Bible allegory to solve the mystery of God by rightly dividing the word of truth; The best of Bibles Online The HOLY BIBLE, also commonly called the Authorized KJV, or perhaps better clarified as the Standardized KJV of 1769. It's still the Seventh Bible, the one made better from six good, a more exact Translation of the plural and contrary scriptures (written aforetime for our learning) into the English tongue, and still purposed to make God's holy truth (Grace is sufficient = no law required) the more known.

So let us note that "generations" (Genesis 5) is not "generation" (Matthew 1), and "scriptures" is not "scripture"; And it's not all scriptures that are given by inspiration of God, but all "scripture" in 2Timothy 3:16. For if it were all plural and contrary scriptures that were given by inspiration of God, it would make such a bi-polar (lawed-grace) God too fearful for anyone to approach, lest he might be having a law worketh wrath (destructive) day instead of a grace us mercy full day. Furthermore Paul The Apostle notes what the "scripture" saith is "cast out the bondwoman and her son": Galatians 4, also noting therein that such things are an "allegory" in both "covenants". So allegorically what the God(Grace) inspired script-u-are saith is cast out the law and result of the law: sin and death, if you want eternal life of eternal salvation instead of life + death of grace + law. For grace is, and is eternal, but non eternal law was, and was added; So the only combination plausible is grace(is) + law(added), which is as blessed + cursed = accursed, and as life + death = a dead end.

For Clarity: I use the Holy Bible (commonly called the Authorized KJV) having the Epistle Dedicatory, but not the Apocrypha. For the Epistle Dedicatory of Translators of the Bible does not condone such "popish" Apocrypha; And their more exact Translation is not translated from either the Latin Vulgate or the Greek Septuagint. Their Epistle Dedicatory does note that a most high and mighty prince, James, who became King "by the grace of God" also thereby (the grace of God) became "Defender of The Faith (The Grace; since the law is not of faith: Galatians 3)" and "c": catholic (universal), which is neither Roman Catholic ("popish persons") nor Protestant ("self conceited brethren"); Neither of children vs children, but man kind (born again is what happens to a "man" of child/man, and it's born again of incorruptible grace cannot lie nor die, not of corruptible law lies and dies: what is ready to vanish shall vanish). Bible Translators note in their Epistle Dedicatory that they were maligned on both sides from popish persons (Roman Catholics) and self conceited brethren (Protestants) while making "one more exact Translation" than six good english translations had previously done. So, all seven were translations, but the seventh bible was a "more exact Translation" into the English tongue; Purposed to make God's holy truth the more known. It notably did not use Wycliffe, Taverner, or Douay-Rheims versions due to their 'dangerous helps'.

So, perhaps there were three sorts of KJV printed in the early 1600s to sort out; 2/3 of such being Roman Catholic and Protestant perversions of the Authorized KJV (was intended to be neither):

1 - the Authorized KJV of 1611 (Holy Bible: first printed: with an Epistle Dedicatory & Notes to Reader)
2 - a Roman Catholic perversion of  the original KJV; Apocrypha added to OT, Epistle Dedicatory removed
3 - a Protestant perversion of the original KJV: Apocrypha added to the midst, Epistle Dedicatory removed
Bearing in mind "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump", let's take heed not to be deceived by perversions;
And bearing in mind "there is no respect of persons with God", only against God which scatters, not gathers.

Commentary on Bibles Online; Eg: Online Bibles of CrossWalk

Be Aware CrossWalk's Online NIV leaves out "the end" (Revelation 22:21) we're told to endure unto;
And CrossWalk's NKJV is as going backward to law
(perdition) rather than forward to grace(perfection).
Not to mention a cross "walk" becomes a grace "run" from Hebrews 12:1 unto the end: Revelation 22:21.
For a walk through the valley of the shadow of death changes to run when seeing we also are compassed about.

Sadly the NIV is explicitly Protestant, pro Evangelical, rather than being universal (catholic); And a NIV now outsells the standardized KJV is neither Protestant, nor Roman Catholic, but c: universal. Sadly, it's reported that Gideons now place NKJV Bibles in schools and hotels; Which to me is a worse error than adding plural Psalms (having two LORDs) to New Testaments they previously placed in schools and hotels. By such the latter state of man is made worse instead of better. The purpose of the KJV was to make one better (more exact) Translation, not many worse translations.

For some reason (
perhaps an err on the part of CrossWalk or of Zondervan & The International Bible Society), their Parallel Online Bibles link comes up with NIV in both search positions, also in their Bibles Online search of their home page and on their Bible Study Tools page. Not to mention NIV is in the midst of their Online Bibles listed, and what's in the midst of seven last utterances is "forsaken". In my opinion their NIV Bible is the latter end worse of such Bibles Online, and because it leaves out the last trump: Revelation 22:21 (The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.). A survey of Bible readers indicates those who purchased a printed NIV report the printed NIV does include Revelation 22:21 (the end to endure unto to be saved only by grace only). It is noteworthy that of all the Bible verses from Genesis 1:1(a Menorah Seven in Hebrew) unto Revelation 22:21, the most important verse thereof is The End: Revelation 22:21, which is the end of law we're exhorted to endure unto to be saved (only) by grace (only) in Matthew 24:13; For The End (the end of law: both good and evil; both holy and unholy; both natural and spiritual) is what makes the Bible and you all one thing: Holy (instead of Holy Holy). So leaving out Revelation 22:21 would be a worse error that any Bible publisher, or Bibles Online maker, could make. Needless to say, I've emailed them about such "ye do err, greatly and alway"; And about Ye(do err) must be born again, not of corruptible seed: law, but incorruptible: grace, in order to see the Kingdom of God is within you, and that the end of the commandment (Love one another, as I have loved you) is you (not ye do err); and "the end of the commandment": you (all the Kingdom of God within "you"): is notably also three things in 1Timothy 1:5 :
1): charity (never faileth) out of a pure heart (e-stablished "with" grace), and 
2): a good conscience (purged of all sin consciousness), and
3): faith  (grace, since the law is not of faith) unfeigned

The HOLY BIBLE = The Seventh Bible = The Authorized KJV = Without Partiality

I'm not talking about a first or second of two 1611 versions disagree; but about the Authorized KJV, the seventh Bible: the one made better from six good Bibles (note: a Wycliffe NT already translated to english and a Douay-Rheims Bible were not included in the six good). Looking at translation guidelines of King, it doesn't condone dangerous helps; And looking at the mandate of Oxford University Press, it was to 'make money printing'. Therefore it reasons one 1611 KJV containing the Apocrypha is a Roman Catholic perversion of the Authorized KJV: the Holy Bible. Perhaps even another 1611 perversion also got printed, which had errors, and such was a Protestant perversion of the Authorized KJV. For Translators of the Bible note in their Epistle Dedicatory that they were maligned on both sides, by popish persons (Roman Catholics) and by self conceited brethren (Protestants), who either preferred to keep people in the darkness of ignorance or else preferred only what was hammered on their anvil (of such itching ears).

The Bible Version Controversy: The Bible Version Debates: The Sides Wars Thereof?
Grace neither makes sides, nor takes a side to have war, since sides wars have side effects.
War: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! War is friend only to the Under-Taker: Law.
It's now becoming obvious winning a war is as disaster-us as losing a war: Agatha Christie.

Perhaps the Bible version controversy was actually what King James wanted to avoid, besides making the Holy Bible: the Seventh Bible available to the general public: the kingdom. Come now, let us reason together, it does not compute, when looking at the facts. Without getting into any more version debates, a sides war have side effects to both sides, I find the Authorized KJV Holy Bible is reliable and consistent throughout; especially when doing allegory study and when connecting biblical dots to solve the mystery of God. As I note below, it's the seventh of seven, as if a perfect work is done by making one better from six good (similar to God saw good x6, then very good in Genesis 1), thereby making a more exact translation. Regarding Bible allegory, I find the Bible translators actually used the most appropriate words, to help readers discover the allegory clues required to solve the mystery of God. For the Bible defines itself as being both "allegory" (Galatians 4) and "mystery" (noted over 20 times in the New Testament) to solve "in time" by seek and "find grace" (will have mercy, not sacrifice) in time to help (not hinder): Hebrews 4:16.

Bible Study of the Holy Bible (which is not a Holy Holy Bible in the end already written)

When it comes to study of the actual "Holy Bible containing Old and New Testaments" itself, of one Book (of books) having two testaments, even the mention therein of two Holies, yet is notably not called a Holy Holy Bible; And I speak of the Book (of books) which defines and explains itself quite adequately to the reader thereof if the student thereof is actually seeking God's holy truth (by being "led of the Spirit" instead of driven by the Ghost)... Then the truth which is come along with grace, and notably "came" (already) by Jesus Christ: John 1:17, is the sort of truth out which makes you free of "fear hath torment", via truth about the law which shall be ever more made known unto all, and as if "also that" shall be told wheresoever this is told, also that gospel (grace) shall be told wheresoever this gospel (law) of this/that gospels is preached throughout the whole world, even unto the full monty revelation (uncovering of what's covered up) promised us in Luke 12:

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

Perhaps what still needs to be made more known (something covered up needing to be revealed) is the Hebrews 12 "weight" to lose in order to do the end "run" along "with patience"; A weight which so easily besets many runners of the human race, is sacrifice, which is "of the law": Hebrews 10, which God and Son will not have: Matthew 9:13, not then, not now, not ever: Psalms 40:6; Psalms 51:16; Hosea 6:6; Hebrews 10: all. For the will of God, which the Son came to do (lo, I come to do thy will O God; thy will be done on earth), is notably: "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice". Furthermore do the will of God precedes receive the promise; And those all, who did not do the will of God, received not the promise. So, perhaps the cover up first referred to in the childish blessed of the two child/man blesseds compared  in Psalms 32:1,2 (Romans 4:7,8) is sacrifice: shedding of blood, which does not totally purge the conscience of all sins, rather almost all: Heb 9, leaving even better sacrifice adherents short of purged. Perhaps sacrifice is the "stumlbing stone" laid in "Sion" (isn't Zion) which many childish-adults stumble over and fall, from grace to law. What then? Christ (the end of the law) is of "no effect" to you (of ye/you): Galatians 5:4

The Authorized KJV is best for Revelation: Uncovering hidden things covered up

When it comes to that sort of study, uncovering what's been covered up, hidden, I've done more than most, including the likes of Billy (goat) Graham and JVI: Jack of the 'Impe' family. Having worn out more Bibles and versions (many perversions) thereof than a man can carry, and prior to age 50; My study preference of the Holy Bible containing Old & New Testaments is the Authorized KJV, which became the standardized KJV. But notably not the traditional 1611 perversions having the Roman Catholic Apocrypha nor the Protestant perversion lacking the Epistle Dedicatory; Rather the KJV which is neither Protestant nor Roman Catholic as told in the Epistle Dedicatory (perhaps why many Protestants and Roman Catholics war against the Authorized KJV).

I find the Holy Bible (Authorized KJV ... Standardized KJV) reliably accurate, especially when searching out the allegory clues required to solve the "mystery" of God. For of many versions I've studied, it is by far the most consistent when doing biblical searches and connecting biblical dots.

                      The Holy Bible is Seventh of Seven: A complete and perfect work
                      (notably not counting a 1385 Wycliffe Bible nor a 1582 Douay-Rheims Bible as good)
                      1. Tyndale's Bible ... 1525AD
                      2. Coverdale's Bible... 1535AD
                      3. Matthew's Bible (by Tyndale & John Rogers) ... 1537AD
                      4. Cramer's (Great Bible) printed by Whit church ... 1539AD
                      5. Geneva Bible... 1560AD Puritan flavored
                      6. Bishop's Bible... 1568AD Church of England flavored
                      7. Holy Bible (Authorized KJV) containing Old & New Testaments...1611 - 1789

King James' guidelines to Translators did not include mention of a 1385AD Wycliffe Bible (NT already translated into english), nor mention a Douay-Rheims 1582AD Bible (Latin Vulgate flavored) as good. Why is not such a great mystery, for the Epistle Dedicatory, Notes to Readers, and Guidelines For Translation suggest they were probably blame game flavored or contained dangerous helps. I would also note King James was catholic(universal), but neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. Such is noted in the Translator's Epistle Dedicatory and Notes to Reader. I have  sampled and compared many versions, also studied enough about King James history, and Shakespearean history (he was contemporary with King James and Bible translators, and had the same royal favor as Bible Translators); Also studied past and present version debates, and information about Bible Translators: enough to feel safest of safe safer safest in using the Holy Bible (Authorized KJV with an Epistle Dedicatory but not the Apocrypha) for allegoric study to solve the mystery of God thereof.

As to the 1611 Authorized KJV, there were perhaps several KJVs printed around 1611 and afterward, just as there are many different KJVs still being printed today. For the mandate of Oxford University Press was to make money for the University printing things paid for by people. Hence any who paid for it got whatever version of the KJV they paid for, such as a Roman Catholic flavored 1611 KJV with the Apocrypha. A Protestant flavored KJV would likely not contain the Apocrypha. A neutral KJV might have the Apocrypha sandwiched between OT and NT as being neither, yet there for readers to compare with scriptures. As to the final authority on the matter, the Holy Bible says if any lack wisdom: "ask of God"; And more specifically ask the God who upbraids (laws) not: James 1:5. Furthermore ask in faith, and note the law is not of faith: James 1:6 (Galatians 3:11,12), and whatsoever is not of faith is sin: Romans 14:23. So then, if any lack wisdom, ask "the God of all grace" (no law at all), "that God", in order to get the truth having no lie at all. For God (Grace) cannot lie (law) is the main reason God (Grace) cannot die.

Only what began can end. LAW<-->Law began x2.
For giving place to Another Law gives power to LAW;
Which saith to Law: Sit, while I take vengeance is mine.
By Law beginning, fear
(hath torment) and sorrows began.
Eternal God (Eternal Grace) has neither beginning nor end;
And the perfect Love that God is has neither fear nor sorrows.
For even Jesus said, in Luke 13:32: the third [day] I will be perfected;
So Jesus is not yet perfected in parts 1 and 2 give place to devils & cures;
But gets "perfected" in "the third" of three things Jesus said God said therein.
So let us perceive that even the NT is a two part shew about third [day] perfection.
For even a "better testament" having a "better hope" is not what's best of three things;
As even "better sacrifices" purging "almost all" don't totally purge the conscience of sins,
And a conscience not totally purged of law(sin) will give place and power to law: sin: death.

It should also be noted an Authorized KJV (Standardized KJV) has survived much false accusation of being erroneous or outdated by many (deceived by many shall come to deceive) for nearly 400 years, about the same length of time the allegoric works of Shakespeare have survived and are nearly as widely studied. It may interest some to note Shakespeare was contemporary with and given the same royal favor (grace) of King James as Bible Translators. When it comes to allegory, which Paul says the Bible is in both covenants, Shakespeare is considered one of the best. He was probably biblically astute. A Bible was found in the attic of Shakespeare's house.

Useful Bible Study Notes in General:

I try not to offer dangerous helps. Rather I point all to the throne of grace, where only mercy is obtain-able and "help" is available, in time of need. The Holy Bible doesn't say ask men for wisdom, not even learned men, nor pastors and priests. Rather the Bible says "ask God" for wisdom, and more specifically the God who does not upbraid (law): James 1. The Bible is allegoric. Once a biblical fact gets established, Bible study becomes more interesting. Godshew.org offers revelatory topics and revelatory sermons to help you get understanding; But not in a manner of teaching or preaching, rather in a manner of sharing what I've learned, both from much study and from asking God for wisdom, nothing wavering, after much study became a weariness of the flesh.

   Plural "generations" of Adam (Genesis 5) are not the "generation" of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1);
   Also plural and contrary "scriptures" are not all "scripture" that's God inspired (2Timothy 3:16);
   Also plural sons of God are not the Son of God, and God did not send his Son to condemn (law).
   God did not send his Son until the "fulness of time" (the expiry date for law) expired: Galatians 4.
   God's Son neither obeyed nor disobeyed law, but gave it no place: was not, no, nor ever shall be.
   Law's a counter part in a shew, a contrary part to be done away when perfection (grace) comes;
   Just as childish things are put away when becoming man kind, the better of one man vs one man.
   For by Jesus there came not peace, but division; But Christ became our true peace is not divided.
   By Jesus it was them vs them; But in Christ it's all us-ward is neither of divisional them vs them.
   So eternal salvation and peace are "through Jesus-->Christ", and reconciliation is done "in Christ".
   For we are not called the body of two Sons Jesus; But rather we are called "the body of Christ".
   He became "us": holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, made higher than the heavens.
   Christ appeared to God in heaven (higher than the plural divided heavens), and notably for "us".
   Us is neither of them vs them; As All is neither many nor few; As grace is neither of law vs law.

As for Evangelists: perhaps "many" being evangelastic deceivers: many shall come... to deceive; Here's what fatherly Paul The Apostle said to sonly Timothy: "Evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry", also study (disapproved by law/approved by grace) to shew thyself approved (only) unto God, and then help those who oppose themselves to recover themselves from such law vs law is as loser vs loser: divided against itself. Such falls in line with first get the beam (law) out of your own eye to see better how to help (grace and truth) others; which also falls in line with "when (not if) thou art converted, then strengthen thy brethren" (notably told to "Peter" of Simon-->Peter, who is also called "Satan"). For true conversion is from law to grace (not from law to another law), and born again is of "incorruptible" grace (not corruptible seed: law), which Christ is, by becoming Christ is the end of the law: Romans 10:4 (not the mend of law: Luke 5:35-37); Since reconciliation to God (through J-->C, in C) does not law impute sin to them to confess or cover up, and if you're not reconciling (gathering), you're alienating (scattering): Matthew 12:30, which many do by law imputing sin and death to others, and thereby condemn (law: sin: death) themselves in the process: Romans 2:1, because law is "inexcusable": unpardonable (sin), both in this world and the to come. So if any of many (shall come to deceive: to law) say lo (law) here, or lo (law) there, concerning Christ (is the end of the law), then "believe [it] not" x2: Matthew 24: 23,26.

As for Biblical Scholars: some reveal major dah when it comes to the "better" Testament. I find most so-called Bible Scholars do not even get past the first verse of Revelation without failing the final exam of the Bible. What many teach and preach is what Paul The Apostle calls "dung", which he flushed to gain Christ (is the end of the law). As Bible Translators said: it's preposterous order to teach first and learn after, which many so-called Biblical Scholars still do (teach first, learn after).

 In conclusion:
Let's give more earnest heed to what's "evident" from all the biblical evidence,
(that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, [it is] evident: Gal 3)
then make up your damn mind woman
(church). For it's "either" Grace "or" Law;
(with or against, justified or condemned by your own mouth from your own heart)
For contrary things (Laws vs Grace; Sacrifices vs Mercy) cannot co-exist in peace.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.
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