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The Third Way is Above shame of blame gamesand Beyond side effects of sides wars.
So let us go on unto perfection of The Third Way on the third day is also the last day.

TheThird Day Ministry of Grace that is Mercifulmultiplies Peace ww.

About Us: GodShew.Org

Three Best Wishes: Grace-->Mercy-->Peace

Be ye reconciled (through Jesus-->Christ)-->to God.
K-now the truth makes you free of believethe lies.
Only Grace that is Mercy fullmultiplies true Peace.

Revelatory Revelations of Revelation

Three BestWishes to all: Grace-->Mercy-->Peace

through  Jesus-->Christ--> God-wardare made by BibleTranslatorsin an EpistleDedicatory

Three WorstWishes unto None: Confusion<-- Sacrifice<-- Law
For God
is not [theauthor] of confusion(law),but ofpeace(grace).
All say "the same"things: "I willhave mercy, and notsacrifice".

GodShew.Org is not about gloom+ doom of millennial "last days";
But rather it's about groom+ bloom of a nonmillennial "lastday".
For we already had two millennial peril us last days from 1-2000AD.
We don't take the Bible as literal nor as historical, but as allegorical.
Eg: the script-u-are that saith "castout the bondwoman and her son"
allegorically means cast out the law and result of law: sin and death.

O T Bible Emblem  them-ward  <-- BC  Law On Cross  AD -->  us-ward  N T Bible Emblem
as we all are chanGed by theSpirit fromglory (law) to glory (grace):2Corinthians 3

To WITthat God was in Christ  reconcilingthe world  unto  himself,
notimputing their trespasses unto them;
and hath committed unto us the word ofreconciliation:
Grace unto you ...from God our Father ....... Grace with you all
. Amen.

( Global Reconciliation Unto God - The HOLYBIBLE - New Testament - 2Corinthians 5:19)

A true third day ministry does not law impute sin, unpardonablesin, or sin's death sting to them;
For confession of law imputed sin brings law worketh wrath to come upon those who say such.
For it is what comes out a mouth that defileth a man; soboth grace + law should not be spoken.
For pure religionarrives undefiledand remains unspotted in acome and go visit to them afflicted.
Rather, a third day ministry of three best wishes grace mercy peace isabout get it: understanding;
Thereby understand a grace us person neither obeys nor disobeys law shouldbe flushed as dung.
Reluctantly, and byrequest, we started a Monthly EmailEpistle to subscribers,
 for we won't do the groupie thing; But will do email notice newAwareness Insights
About an allegoric Holy Bible does NOT think for you, butDOES make youthink.

Example of
an Insight in our MonthlyAwareness Epistle:
Some Glaciersand The Dead Sea are both rapidly "vanish"-ing;
(Bible: what's "ready to vanish": Hebrews 8:13..."shall vanish": 1Corinthians 13:8)
Along with the Horeb-Bull Mtn(Mt Sinai) told to go jump in thissea.
For as the young AlbertEinstein aptly said: Cold does not really exist.
Cold is only a term we use to describe the absence of heat (does exist).

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Awareness About God OurFather:

God is NOT [the author] of confusion,but of PEACE;

And not false peacethat passeth all understanding, but understanding thatbrings true peace.

Global Reconciliation unto God, in heaven: higher than theheavens, is
by awarenessof God on high inheavens: Law -VS- higher God:Grace

(not Law) unto you,    and Peace (not Division),
from Godour Father and theLord Jesus Christ.

His Grace (Construction: Groom) is no Law(Destruction: Gloom) at all.
Global reconciliationunto God(His Grace) is enhanced by increased awareness aboutGod as "the God of all comfort" (Who is no dis-comfort at all),and as "the God of all grace" (Who is no law at all) inthesame allegoricmanner thatGod is light [grace; understanding] and in himthereis nodarkness [law; ignorance]at all.

The God of all grace make YOU(ofye/you) perfect...stablished
"after" ye(do err, greatly and alway) suffer awhile (in lawlaw).

All who will live godlyin Christ Jesusshall sufferpersecution. Selah.
All who do the will ofGod in Christof J-->C shall be free of suffer.

Many shall come ... TO DECEIVE ...shall deceive Many

Sadly manyreligious leaders described in Matthew 23 actually alienate peoplefrom God rather than promote globalreconciliation unto God, and they do it by law imputing sin and deathforthe hell of it; Notknowing their law condemns them also. This accusing andcondemning, suchlaw law, tends tofrustrate [vex]andalienate people who can read God didnot sendhisSon to condemn [law] the world: John 3:17.God's Sonwouldn'teven accuse (law: John 5:45) anyone, let alone condemn (law:John8:3-11; 2Corinthianhs 3:9) everyone; No, noteven the woman (church) caught in adult-ery andbrought unto him for his judgment:"neither do I condemn (law) thee: go and sin(law) no more", which is also said to the man healed by sevengrace uswords rather than being helped into troubled water, but waslater found inthe temple giving praise to the law for his healing (grace). Thereforehe's told sin(law) no more, lest a worse thinghappen than dis-ease.

Believing The Lies <--vs-->Knowing The Truth
The Biblical objective is NOT to "believe",but to "KNOW".
"Ye shall know the truth andthe truth shall make You free".
Know-ing The Truth makes you free ofBelieve-ing The Lie.

You too can have partiality with an impartial God? No. It's a Lie!
Rather: have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ without partiality.
For there is NO respect of persons withGod: No partiality at all!
There is only part-iality (respect of persons) againstGod. Selah.

His Judgment: no condemnation(inhis grace and truth) notably comes upon his second uprising (farabove theheavens) from twice stooping and twice finger writing ontheground; Perhapsto firstly remind them who would accuse and condemn the finger of theirGod (Law) wrote Law: a "ministration of death" upontombstone like tables of stone inExodus, and secondly remind them that in Daniel the fingers of a man'shand wrote
MENE,MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. By twice stooping to twice write such lawlaw on the ground, and without saying a word, he effectivelycleared the room ofall the woman's accusers. So by twice stoopingand finger writing on the ground what those who knew their scriptureswell, he was allegorically writing grounded andgroundead is what accusers and condemnors get for playing a blame gameinducts players into a hallof shame, not a hall of fame.

The best three wishes are grace --> mercy--> peace.
Worst three wishes are division <-- sacrifice <-- law.
Mark and Avoid themcausing divisions& offences.

The world may appear to behaving a nervous breakdown: as if having a latter end worserather than a latter end better, and due to the spiritual adolescenceofmany who've been deceived by many shall come todeceive and shalldeceive many. However as the Berlin wall suddenly came downto allow brethren east and west to be reconciled, and the cold warsuddenly ended, so also shall thedividing walls of impurereligions shall come down to allow brethrenall to be reconciled to one another first (Matthew 5:24),and thentogether as one be reconciled unto God (Grace). Forthere is no respect ofpersons with Godour Saviour will have all men saved (graced), notsome only.Reconciliation unto God istherefore global reconciliation unto God. So wheresoever "this gospel"of alienation from God is preachedww, so also "that gospel" of reconciliation unto God shall be told ww,for comparison;And when law vs grace are compared as glories, grace glory is soexceedingly much more that law fades (vanishes) to nothing at all  in comparison, nothing but acounter part in a shewabout what Grace is, in comparison what it's not: Law.

Believe-ing the Lies of Law -vs- Know-ingthe Truth of Grace.

John 1:17
           The law  (and  lie)  wasgiven  by Moses ... the first
            But grace and truth came byJesus Christ ... the second

Hebrews 10:9
    He taketh away the first              (Law: Press Delete to take away)
    that he may establish the second   (Grace: Press Save to establish)

There's two Gods:Law (God ourDestroyer: all die) Grace (God our Saviour:all live) allegorically portrayed in many ways for "comparing"two spiritual things rather mixing such "contrary things", since themixture of contrary things such as all perish and none perish makesan oxymoron called "oneproselyte", which when it is made is "twofold": "more the child of hell" thanprevious fools, hypocrites, vipers and blind guides who sat in Moses' seat. So let usnot be more foolish(childish), more hypocritical, more viperish, moreblind, and return to such folly as a dog returnedto his vomit: law (Prov 26:11; 2Pet 2:22).

Increased awareness aboutGod enhances reconciliation unto God.
Of this/thatGods, global reconciliation unto God is unto "that God".
To wit: that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself.
That God: is light (grace), and in him there is nodarkness (law) at all.
Christ: the end of the law (Rom 10:4) is Saviour of theworld (Jn 4:42).

Of two Godsto compare:one God is on "high" in the midst of plural divided"heavens"; And one God is in "heaven": "higher than theheavens". Thehigher God is Grace, from which it's notably a "fall", to "fall intothe hands" of God on high: Law. Such is noted unto the churchesofGalatia, as unto foolish and bewitched churches: "Christ(the endof the law, the Saviour of the world) is become of no effectyou, whosoever of you are justified by the law(God on high):ye are fallen from grace(higher God above)".
Worse yet,if this God on high in plural divided heavens be "the living God",then it's also notably a "fearful" thing. And if "fear hathtorment", it would be tormenting to fall into law law "hands".

The best three wishes aregrace->mercy->peace.
Worst three wishes are division<-sacrifice<-law.
Thank God worst(all perish) blotted out in the NT.

Global reconciliation unto Godis as being risenwith Christ, whoascended far above the heavens to appear to God in heaven (higherthanthe heavens) for us. Global alienation from God is as fallingfor andinto the hands of God on high. So let us consider those recoveringfrom getting "high", and to the point of harming themselves and others, afterwardspeak of a "higher" power that helps them get over(above)such law law,suchspiritual wickedness in "high" places; Whether they've beenthe scape-goats of Moses orthe dumb-sheep of Jesus having a left/right law/law sides war on high,not knowingsuch a sides war has one son of a bitch side effect to them all ofsuch them vs themwho "oppose themselves": Noahic and Sodomic destruction noted in Luke17, whichisn't global reconciliation unto God, but a dead end.

Thank higher God the HolyBiblehas no johnny lawdead end for "you all": you and all thekingdom of God "within you";you made free by knowing the truthafter ye(do err) stumble and fall by believing the lies (laws)of many; You madeperfect by theGod ofall grace (no law at all) after ye (do err)suffer awhile with "lawworketh wrath"and "fear hathtorment" are first and last Adams family thingsavailable from plural divided God on high.Sothenthe higher exhortation is "mind not highthings" and "be not high-minded".For when looking at 2Timothy 3 we find being high-minded islisted amongun-holy things. People recovering from highs (laws)afterward speak of a higher power: Grace is sufficient (when nolaw added), merciful (when no sacrifice added),and impartial (when no partiality added).

Our Father, deliver us from evil: Matthew 6:13
We are delivered  from the law:  Romans 7: 6
What remaineth is the global awarenessof it.

There remaineth a rest (peace) to the people of God,
Who is the [author] of peace (rest), not of confusion.

So "the end"of the God "shew" that weareexhorted to endure unto, to be saved(only)is:

The graceof our LordJesus Christ with you all.Amen.
(last trump it also clarifies what sort of grace is withyou all,against none)
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